The Difference Of ZARHAL At Work

Zarhal textile with young and dynamic entrepreneurial spirit; It was established to make special workwear designs for the industry, private security, health and tourism sectors.

It is the basic principle to respond to the needs of the global 4 main sectors with a wide range of products and experienced staff, to offer quality to consumers at affordable prices, and to rapidly integrate developing technology. In this context, it is aimed to have a voice in all the sectors we will serve by contributing to the development of the economy of the region and the country, and to create new employment every day.


The primary way to avoid getting wet is to use waterproof and breathable clothing. It is not enough that your clothes are rainproof by itself. Because if they cannot breathe, even if they do not pass water at all, the water vapor formed by sweating cannot be discharged, causing you to get wet again. In this case, your risk of hypothermia arises as if you got wet in the rain.

With reflector

Thanks to its high-looking phosphor featured fabrics, warning clothes increase your appearance day or night. Thanks to high quality reflective stripes and phosphor, it shines and makes you visible especially at night when the light hits you, especially at night, if you need to move outside the vehicle, reflective clothing must be used. It also contributes to occupational safety measures by providing high visibility of employees in construction sites.

Slow Flammable Fabric

Slow Flammable fabrics; They are also called retardant and non-flammable fabrics. Slow flaming fabrics are resistant to burning, ignition and flaming due to their structure. Slow flaming fabric is made in two ways: yarns made of fiber and non-flammable finishing. The purpose of the fabrics is to delay the fire / spread of fire. Clothes made of these fabrics do not cause sweating and bad odors due to hot weather.

Wind Resistant

Better watch out when the wind starts blowing. Because even on a dry and clear day, the wind lowers the temperature considerably. However, if you choose the right type of windproof workwear, you'll stay warm and comfortable.

Light Fabric

Thanks to the light fabric clothes, it allows you to move your body comfortably. At the same time, it prevents your body from getting tired quickly while standing and moving for a long time.

Sweat Absorbing Fabric

Since comfort is important in works that make you sweat a lot, sweat-absorbing and ventilating fabrics are used at these points. In general, fabrics are expected to be reusable and not lose their properties even if they are washed many times.


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